Environmental Capabilities

BusinessĀ and Financial Management

We provide professional consulting services through multiple contracts supporting various clients in the following areas of Business and Financial Management:

Program Financial Management

  • Lead and advise on portfolio planning, programming, budgeting, and execution.
  • Develop enhanced performance metrics to assist with program management goals.
  • Track commitments and obligations to ensure efficient and proper program execution.
  • Create efficiencies through business process evaluation and improvement.

Process Documentation and Audit Readiness Support

  • Create and update Standard Operating Procedures, Desktop References, and Process Cycle Memorandums.
  • Identify and document management internal controls.
  • Coordinate financial reporting in accordance with Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness guidance.

Budget Analysis and Justification

  • Develop program budgets in support of the Program Objective Memorandum for President’s Budget submissions.
  • Analyze cost estimates and prioritize requirements based on budgetary constraints.
  • Construct program spend plans that assist with unfunded requirements justification.

OSD and Congressional Response Development

  • Prepare impact statements and budget reclaims to defend current and future program requirements.
  • Develop Annual Report to Congress submittals.
  • Draft budget decision documents

Data Cleansing and Reconciliation

  • Conduct MIPR and Contract analysis and close-out support.
  • Track invoices and goods receipts and unliquidated obligation calculation and validation.
  • Reconcile dormant or surplus funds against prior year obligations.

Environmental Liabilities

We provide professional Environmental liabilities consulting services to various clients in the following areas:

Environmental Liabilities Cost to Complete

  • Identify ELs using State and Federal regulations to ensure all anticipated requirements are accounted.
  • Develop out-year remedial requirements that span the expected life of the EL.
  • Structure comprehensive cost estimates in accordance with regulatory mandates that satisfy annual budgetary requirements for private and public sectors.
  • Develop estimates from initial studies that combine multiple remedial aspects through project completion.
  • Construct extensive supporting documentation to guarantee audit readiness.

EL Reporting

  • Coordinate and execute the reporting of current and future ELs on annual financial statements in accordance with Federal Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness guidance.

RACER(r) and EL Training and Support

  • Offer thorough training courses on EL identification and the construction of auditable estimates using RACER(r).
  • Instruct clients on how to review estimates and supporting documentation for consistency and auditability.
  • Provide customer-specific solutions for estimates that require additional technologies not found within RACER(r).
  • Contact RACER(r) support and development team to advocate for specific client needs.
  • Participate in RACER(r) steering committees and software beta testing to assist with the development of the program.

Audit Readiness Support

  • Structure appropriate internal controls to ensure CTC accuracy and completeness.
  • Document CTC processes in Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Prepare comprehensive supporting documentation for audit purposes.

Environmental Compliance Support

  • Inspections
  • Sampling
  • EPA Compliance